Fair Play

At CryptoQ, we encourage and ensure fair play. All participants can make and modify their portfolio before the competition starts and has the same virtual amount of USD 100,000 to make a portfolio. They are also notified about the start of a competition so that they can make any last-minute changes to their portfolio(s).

One cannot check the portfolio composition of other users before the game starts but once it begins, one can track/download the portfolio (s) of any other users throughout the competition time period and check each other’s performance. Declaration of winners is done after manual checking of portfolio value of each users.

We strive to ensure that all users are genuine and they need to verify themselves before they can withdraw money from the CryptoQ App. This is done through verification of their PAN and bank account details. All the user info is protected and CryptoQ will never share this sensitive info with any third party.

No cash transaction within the app is allowed and people are advised to learn the skill required to be a top crypto picker through free games before participating in paid games.